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Organization of the Book

The rest of the book is organized as follows. In Chapter General Principles of Neutrino Oscillations, I will review neutrino oscillations in vacuum and in environments with smooth matter density profiles. In Chapter Neutrino Oscillations with Oscillatory Matter Profiles, I will discuss my work on neutrino oscillations in oscillatory matter profiles, which can be decomposed into Fourier modes. The neutrino oscillations in such oscillatory profiles can be interpreted as a superposition of Rabi oscillations. In Chapter Collective Neutrino Oscillations, I will first review how neutrino self-interactions can cause a dense neutrino medium to oscillate collectively. Then I will discuss my study on the dispersion relations of the collective modes of neutrino oscillations.

I will also discuss a preliminary work on neutrino oscillations when both forward and backward neutrino fluxes are present. In Chapter Conclusions and Future Work, I will summarize my work and discuss possible future directions of the field.

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